Bitcoin and cryptocurrency plunge 80% in value – fox news

7pt   2018-09-14 06:43

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency plunge 80% in value – fox news
 Cryptocurrencies have been a hot commodity in financial trading but it seems the bubble has now burst, industry analysts have warned. Bitcoin and other forms of digital money have plunged by 80 per cent since January (stock image) Share this article Share 3.2k shares The findings come from the MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index, based in Frankfurt, which has tracked the collapse of digital currencies from a January high to an 80 per cent drop in value Even Bitcoin, the standard bearer for digital money, has seen a 70 per cent fall from its record high of almost £15,000 ($20,000). In late June, the price of Bitcoin fell below the $6,000 mark for the first time since early November last year, and has barely recovered WHAT WAS THE DOTCOM BUBBLE?  The crash has drawn comparisons to the Dot-Com bubble burst in the early days of the internet. This image shows banks of computer processors set up to ‘mine’ the Bitcoin cryptocturrency